Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #181 Anne Duggan Courageous Invitations

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #181 Anne Duggan Courageous Invitations

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #181 Anne Duggan Courageous Invitations

Courageous Invitations

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Anne Duggan about Courageous Invitations, growing a leadership mindset, and finding and connecting with “your people”.

We also dive deeper into the formula of peak performance leadership, understanding the self, purpose and passion, and being a fearless woman leader.

Anne Duggan – Courageous Invitations

Anne Duggan is a seasoned executive with over two decades of experience in managing complex projects and infrastructure procurement for top companies like KPMG, Suez Environment Group, Lendlease, and Macquarie Group. She’s a jack of all trades, being a solicitor, chartered accountant, and holding an MBA in Law and Business, a Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology, and even studying veterinary nursing.

But our guest’s passion doesn’t stop there. She’s also a trailblazer in social infrastructure development, having led some of the most significant affordable housing bids in Australia. With her expertise and drive, there’s no doubt that she can continue to make a significant impact in both the corporate and social sectors.

Anne talks about:

  • The core of courageous leadership
  • Finding people that you have a connection with
  • Importance of having a very diverse group of ideas and thoughts and background
  • Diversity in an organisation
  • Having a purpose vs. having a “why”
  • Courageous Invitations
  • Working with Dr Jefferson Yu-Jen Chen
  • Peak performance
  • Betting wisely by giving now and gaining more later
  • Fear of failure
  • Having a solid foundation for confidence
  • The power to change is in your control
  • Be the leader that people want to follow
  • Work less and achieve more
  • Navigate distraction, uncertainty & self-sabotage


“I think that the thing that really comes out is the heart and that is actually at the core of courageous leadership. It’s actually leading with your heart and being true and authentic to yourself.” Anne Duggan talks about having courage as a leader on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“Disrupt yourself and think about what you really can be doing that’s different because you don’t have to be on the traditional trajectory to actually have an amazing career” The journey of finding oneself and establishing a career with Anne Duggan on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“Getting to peak performance is also a journey. It’s not something you just switch on immediately and you’re there. It’s something that you build and develop and grow over time” Anne Duggan on how to attain peak performance on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

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active CEO Podcast Eric Partaker The 3 Alarms To Peak Performance

active CEO Podcast #157 Eric Partaker 3 Alarms To Peak Performance

active CEO Podcast Eric Partaker The 3 Alarms To Peak Performance

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Eric Partaker about the 3 Alarms to peak performance, having a heart attack mid-flight, solving the world’s biggest problem and only 2% of people reach their full potential. 

We also discuss drive, a lack of adherence, stepping through the fear door, going the extra mile in getting a role at McKinsey, Skype being sold for US$4 Billion, and what would a 100 pound burrito taste and look like at Chilango. 

Eric Partaker – 3 Alarms To Peak Performance  

Eric is a Peak Performance CEO Coach, former Skype Leader and McKinsey & Co consultant, Chilango Co-Founder and author of The 3 Alarms. A guest judge on the apprentice, Eric is a motivational speaker, a CEO of the Year, and has been described as one of Britain’s most disruptive entrepreneurs by The Telegraph. 

He studied philosophy, History and Literature from KU Leuven, has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Finance from the University of Illinois, is a certified High Performance Institute Coach and has served an apprenticeship under Stanford University Behaviour Design Lab Professor BJ Foggs  His career has included being a consultant at McKinsey & Company, Head of Business Development Global eCommerce at Skype, Co-Founder and CEO of Chilango, Chairperson of the Supper Club and member of the Young Presidents Organisation.  

Eric talks about 

  • Consulting, scaling up skype, starting a restaurant and peak performance. 
  • Only 2% of people reach their full potential. 
  • Having a lot of drive and the constant pursuit. 
  • Working 100-hour weeks & having a heart attack while mid-flight, while working at Mckinsey. 
  • How can I perform at a high level without sacrificing my own life and relationships? 
  • Strategically line up a job at McKinsey and the biggest lesson learnt. 
  • Realising Skype was going to be massive and determining where the gaps were. 
  • Hiring two chefs who worked at the top two restaurants in the world. 
  • What stops people fulfilling their potential. 
  • Professional versus an amateur. 
  • Using intentionality with The 3 Alarms. 
  • “If you don’t have anything to aim for, you have nothing to measure against.” 
  • Identity, productivity and antifragility. 
  • The Fear Door. 
  • The Peak Performance Masters Program.  


“What if I could solve the world’s biggest problem? Because of 98% of people are leaving something on the table, then too me it must be the world’s biggest problem.” Talking about peak performance with Eric Partaker, on the active CEO Podcast 

“Just step through the fear door and there is infinite potential on the other side.” Overcoming our own mental barriers with Eric Partaker, on the active CEO Podcast. 

“Recognise that we are already antifragile physically, we just need to bring that up into our heads mentally. Life becomes one big training camp. It’s a mental gym.” Eric Partaker talks about antifragility and The 3 Alarms, on the active CEO Podcast. 

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