Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #162 Nic Marks Feeling Fast & Thinking Slow


Inspiring Great Leaders Nic Marks Feeling Fast and Thinking Slow


On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Nic Marks feeling fast and thinking slow, 5 ways of wellbeing, the unintended consequences of our lifestyles, remote and hybried working, and the tension between good lives now and good lives in the future. 

We also delve into his The Happy Planet Index TED talk with over 2.5million views, happiness is a social emotion, the power of the Friday Pulse, how COVID has landed very unevenly for people, the quarterly cadence and how do we live happily and sustainably as a species? 

Nic Marks – Feeling Fast & Thinking Slow  

Nic Marks is an independent policy adviser, speaker, statistician and author who is best known for his work on The Happy Planet Index. He is a leader in happiness, wellbeing and quality of life, and a person how had a fascination with the Power of 2’s. 

His studies include a MA Maths and Management Studies from the University of Cambridge, Diploma, Counseling & Psychotherapy, Master’s of Science in Operations Research, and a Master’s of Science Change Agent Skills and Strategies at the University of Surrey. Nic’s career includes being the founder Centre for Well-being at New Economics Foundation, being the CEO & Founder of Happiness Works and Friday Pulse.  

Nic talks about: 

  • Creating simple ways of improving wellbeing. 
  • Why statistics is his sword. 
  • Data keeps me honest, as long as I ask the questions and listen to the data. 
  • Feeling lost because he thought he would take over the family confectionary business. 
  • Was dismissive how important money was at the beginning to happiness. 
  • Understanding that he had something to contribute. 
  • Quality of Life indicator in 1994 with Tim Jackson and Manfred. 
  • Jacinda Ardern’s policy manifesto is on wellbeing. 
  • Physical activity is the fastest way out of a bad mood. 
  • Be engaged with the world in the moment. 
  • How remote working is shifting our happiness and why hybrid will become the norm. 
  • Feeling fast and thinking slow. 
  • Drivers of positive workplaces and cultures. 
  • How do you get the right data to the right people at the right time 
  • Statistics are where you are and using questions to ask where you can go.  
  • Loving the rhythm of one foot in front of the other 
  • I don’t have ideas, ideas have me 


“I don’t have ideas, ideas have me.” Feeling fast and thinking slow with Nic Marks on the Inspiring Great leaders Podcast. 

“Good lives do not have to cost the earth.” Nic Marks talks about the Happy Planet Index, on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.  

“A great life is not only one you are contributing to; it is one that you also enjoy.” Talking about happiness with Nic Marks on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

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