active CEO Podcast #153 Brian Sands Solving Problems For Other People

active CEO Podcast #153 Brian Sands Solving Problems For Other People

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Brian Sands about solving problems for other people, how to manage a business through crisis, healthy people create successful businesses and you can’t wait for the crisis to finish.

We also delve into sliding doors moments, sandwich pressure of being in senior management, managing people from a different culture, stop the bleeding and simplify the complexity.

Brian Sands – Solving Problems For Other People

Brian is an organizational change specialist, independent advisor, living proof of how to survive and then thrive during crisis, and author of Stop The Bleeding – a mind shift through businesses crisis management. He is a wonderful leader who knows what resilience in the business world is all about, has a passion for thinking and doing everything differently and loves giving advice with impact through B1G1.

His education includes an advanced management program and a masters degree in Enterprise from the University of Melbourne, has completed an executive study at INSEAD, and a graduate of Company Directors Course from The Australian Institute of Company Directors. Brian’s career has included Managing Director at APM Group Australia, Regional Manager Victoria for Broad Construction, Non-Executive Director at 13th Beach Golf Links, has held interim General Manager and CEO roles at Arrow International, LSH Property Australia and Longevity Group Australia, and founded Sentiment and

Brian talks about

  • Creating something, making something and building something.
  • Managing a business through the stock market crash and recession.
  • If I could build buildings, I could build teams.
  • Parochial expertise will get you nowhere.
  • Where do you want to be and by when.
  • History shows that there are cycles in business.
  • Lean into the crisis moment to make something different.
  • Be the participant rather than a passenger in crisis.
  • I got a kick out of solving problems for other people.
  • Awakening about seeing and thinking about things differently.
  • Writing Stop The Bleeding.
  • Inspired by solving problems for other people
  • Strategy is a process of seeing, planning, thinking and acting differently.
  • People get caught up in the what rather than the why
  • How do I create a proposition out of a problem


“You have just got to get on with it. It is up to you. You are in control of your destiny, if you want to be successful.” Brian Sands talks about how to manage a business through crisis, on the active CEO Podcast. 

“If you overly obsess about tomorrow, I think tomorrow will get worse and worse until you get there.” Brian Sands delves into stop the bleeding and you can’t wait for crisis to finish, on the active CEO Podcast.

“It took me down for a while. There was only one choice, turn the lights off and put the key in the door and deal with everything that came my way or roll my sleeves up and fight.” Creating a mind shift during crisis with Brian Sands, on the active CEO Podcast.

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