Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #176 Melo Calarco Beating Burnout Finding Balance

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #176 Melo Calarco Beating Burnout Finding Balance

Beating Burnout, Finding Balance

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Melo Calarco on his new book Beating Burnout, Finding Balance, normalising mental health conversations in the workplace, and exploring the world while staying physically and mentally fit.

We also dive deep into burnout in the workplace, creating realistic and healthy boundaries inside the organisation, and seeking happiness and mindfulness.

Melo Calarco – Beating Burnout, Finding Balance

Melo Calarco is a highly-regarded mindfulness and performance coach with over 30 years of experience. 

He teaches individuals and companies how to perform at their best without burning out by using science-based techniques grounded in mindfulness, human behavior, leadership training, and other unique tools.

He has a vast background working in mental health and psychiatric clinics and is the founder of Mindfulmooves, a new approach to meditation that blends the scientific, evidence-based practice of mindfulness with a series of moves to help attain connection with the body and mind.

What sets Melo apart is his life experience of cycling and trekking more than 30,000 kilometers across five continents, which has given him the ability to manage highly stressful situations, build mental endurance, and rise above adversity.

He has used this experience to develop popular corporate programs that have helped Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, directors, corporate executives, medical surgeons, Olympic athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and individuals to achieve their goals.

Melo’s latest book, Beating Burnout, Finding Balance, provides practical advice on how to create a healthier mindset, improve your well-being, and prevent overwhelm. He draws on his wealth of experience to share proven techniques and tools that top performers use to conquer burnout and achieve their goals. 

Melo talks about:

  • Childhood and going out of the mold
  • Working in mental health and psychiatric clinics
  • Suppressing thoughts and emotions
  • Coping strategies when facing big and small emotions
  • Beating Burnout, Finding Balance
  • How corporate and organisation leaders can open a safe space for its people
  • Normalising mental health conversations in the workplace
  • Creating boundaries in the workplace
  • R U OK model
  • Cycling and trekking for 30,000 kilometers
  • Exploring the world and different cultures
  • Seeking happiness and gratitude
  • Mindfulness and self-awareness as a leader
  • Being present
  • Differentiating burnout from fatigue or stress


“Happiness is your natural state of being. It’s around you all the time, we just have to open our eyes to see it” Melo Calarco talks about finding happiness and gratitude on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“One of the fundamentals of any good leader is self-awareness. Being aware of your own energy, capacities, behaviours, how you lead and how you work and mindfulness is the best way to develop self-awareness.” Melo Calarco on leadership on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“As simple as doing something just for yourself every single day, is the first step to beating burnout and finding balance in your life again.” Physical and mental self-care to beat burnout with Melo Calarco on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

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