active CEO Podcast #55 Oscar Trimboli Deep Listening Performance

Deep Listening Performance Oscar Trimboli
Oscar Trimboli – Deep Listening

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Oscar Trimboli about how Deep Listening benefits performance, being a student of people, going beyond the first context, leadership identity, and managing people at Microsoft and Vodafone. We also discuss the five levels of listening, the art and science of listening, the barriers to listening, and teaching a hundred million people how to listen.

Oscar Trimboli – Deep Listening Performance

Oscar is a leader who loves experiential learning, connecting people to their passions and creating impact beyond words. We go deep into the world of listening as “every human wants to be listened to, yet what they crave is to be heard”.

He has an MBA Marketing from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, a Graduate Diploma International Company Directors from the Australian Institute of Company Director, an Organisational Coaching Cert 3 – Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership, and is a Gallup Strengths Coach.

His career has involved sales, business development and marketing roles at Peoplesoft, Professional Advantage, Vodafone, Microsoft and Polycon. At present he is a speaker, author and mentor with Oscar Trimboli Pty Limited and head of coaching faculty for The Marketing Academy Australia.

Oscar talks about:

  • How going to school with 23 nationalities taught him to be open to different ideas.
  • Using “Tell me more” to explore what you are hearing a little bit deeper.
  • Managing Dyscalculia’s and always being a student of people.
  • Developing Microsoft protégé for graduates at Microsoft.
  • Teaching a hundred million people how to listen.
  • How do leaders take a long-term perspective while delivering on short-term results.
  • How do leaders have the presence of mind not to react always?
  • What’s the legacy you really want to leave when you are no longer on this planet?
  • On a quest to create one hundred million deep listeners in the world.
  • ”If you can’t achieve your goal in your life time then it is ambitious enough to chase.”
  • Getting listening into school teacher curriculum.
  • All the great disasters are beautiful examples of the lack of listening.
  • The biggest myth about listening is to be focused on the speaker.
  • I speak at a 125 words at a minute, you listen at 400 times a minute.
  • We listen in black and white and listening in colour is what deep listening is all about.
  • We cant listen to anybody else unless we a clear and available.
  • Silver is putting away all the distractions, gold is to learn to listen what is not said at the Listening Olympics.
  • Crucial element of communication, we never ask for a second opinion.
  • Why is listening implied in education rather than being taught?

Active CEO Performance Tip

Own Your Own Space – If you have one skill and you are really strong at it, it can be easily copied allowing a competitor to get a step ahead in your space. If you stack your skills you can own your own space, get a step ahead of your competitors, be the authority and be the expert in your field.


“When people leave a company, they say we didn’t leave the company we left our manager.” Listening in the workplace with Oscar Trimboli, on the active CEO Podcast.

“The difference between hearing and listening is taking action.” Oscar Trimboli talks about deep listening, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Use metaphors, analogies and stories because it connects with the most innate emotions in humans. Yet most leaders will talk about KPIs, performance benchmarks, dashboards and everybody will fall asleep.” The power of stories as a leader with Oscar Trimboli, on the active CEO Podcast.

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