Target Market Behaviours During Loss, Uncertainty And Change Craig Johns Business Coach High Performance Leadership

Target Market Behaviours During Loss, Uncertainty And Change

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By Craig Johns

What are the stages of target market behaviours that people are currently going through as they come to terms with loss, uncertainty and change living in a remote world of COVID-19?

As a leader, CEO, entrepreneur or influencer you are trying to figure out how to firstly retain, but also recruit in the future, your valuable clients, members and suppliers. You first need to understand your target market behaviours and then you can understand the importance of your digital presence right now.

People will go through these 7 stages at varying speeds, so it’s important to be digitally present right now to capture their attention. Here is a brief outline:

Stage 1 – DENIAL

When COVID-19 first came to light, most people brushed it off, as a concern in their world, and continued on with normal daily behaviour

Stage 2 – SHOCK

When governments started to enforce restrictions, peoples jobs were uncertain, they were unsure if they would be able to put food on the table and stock markets started to take a dive, people took notice and the shock of it caused them to start seeking as much information on COVID-19 as possible. They became totally infatuated and engrossed in it.


They become overwhelmed with the information and any word starting with “C” creates a stress reaction, so they start to withdraw from the intense exposure of COVID-19. Less time watching news, less time on social media and taking a break from digital technology. They start to withdraw inside themselves.


The sudden change, chaos, loss and uncertainty, causes them to go inside their thoughts as they reflect on what is really important to them, what are their values, what is their purpose in life, why am I doing what I am doing and is there a better way. They begin to think about how they can upskill and upgrade themselves as a person. What am I learning about myself, that I want to change? They start to think about what personal and professional development they require to be a better person, better parent, better leader and create a positive impact in their world and hopefully as a custodian on planet earth.

Stage 5 – RESET

They start to create a new way they want to live, a new way of thinking and a simpler way of life. New behaviours start to form, they want to become a better person or a better leader, and they start to dream about new health and fitness goals, but they realise they don’t have all the answers and they need help.

Stage 6 – BROWSING

Internet has now become their new best friend. They start browsing or window shopping so to speak. What are the solutions in the marketplace to solve my problem of creating a better way of living. How can I be healthier, how can I improve my personal performance and how can I achieve my goals. It won’t just be solutions they are looking for, it will be how do they get RESULTS to the problems they are seeking an answer for. They will only be able to find solutions from the people who have a digital presence and are visible in the digital community of the internet and social media.


Once they have browsed they will choose the option that can show how they get RESULTS and that they trust. They will make a decision based on the information they can easily get access to and is SIMPLE to understand. Some will be ready right now, so they are looking for solutions that can be done easily via the virtual world of internet, video conference and phone call, that they can do in their comfort of their own home.

My question to you is:

How are you creating your digital presence and most importantly message, to not only solve, but show how you can help current and future clients, members or suppliers get RESULTS, starting today?

Understanding your target market behaviours to thrive, not just survive in COVID-19.

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