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active CEO Podcast #5 Suzie Hoitink Enemy of a Great Life is a Good One

PCB Vol 5- Suzie Hoitink
Suzie Hoitink – Founder Clear Complexions

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns and Ben Gathercole speak with Suzie Hoitink, enjoying an insightful and thought-provoking discussion about leading an active and healthy lifestyle by example, successfully taking a new idea to market, the impact Rob de Castella has recently had on her life, finding the confidence to step out of a comfortable life, managing a successful partnership with her husband and how she leads an active CEO lifestyle.

Suzie Hoitink

Suzie Hoitink is a wonderful mother, leader, business owner and someone who really cares about people. She founded Clear Complexions, the undisputed leader in the skin rejuvenation industry, in 2005 and has gone on to build it into a multimillion-dollar business. Suzie was recognised as the 2012 Telstra Business Women of the Year. As a teenager she was shy and had low self-esteem. You wouldn’t recognise that now, as she is alive with charisma, belief, authenticity and the desire to positively change people’s lives.

Suzie talks about:

  • Exercise being crucial to keeping the balance
  • Needing something to terrify her to get out of bed in the morning
  • How her family brought out a competitive spirit in her
  • Why she adores triathlon and loves the structure of having a coach
  • Exercise being a non-negotiable in the mornings
  • Her role being an emotionally giving role to her staff and especially the clients
  • Being a corporate runner for the Indigenous Marathon Foundation and running the New York Marathon being one of the most significant events of her life
  • How leading an active and healthy lifestyle, by example, has had a positive impact on her staff
  • To bring an active CEO lifestyle into an organisation you need to be an inspirational leader sharing the achievements and most importantly the journey
  • Correlation between exercise, and self-esteem and confidence
  • “The enemy of a great life is a good one.”
  • A problem that I had that wasn’t being solved
  • Why nurses have the advantage in the skin care industry
  • Finding confidence in herself and leaving a comfortable life
  • The challenges of being acquired by a publicly listed company in 2017
  • Building something like a sculpture
  • Taking on a new CEO
  • Standing outside the square rather than in it
  • The importance of a mentor
  • Leading by example, being inclusive, setting high standards and sharing the vision
  • Dealing with travelling on a weekly basis
  • Why her mum and dad have had such a major influence on her life


The enemy of a great life is a good one with Suzie Hoitink. You can listen here

When you start a new business, you only see forward, you see no barriers, so focused on your great idea. Listen to Suzie Hoitink and gain an insight into leading by example on the active CEO Podcast.

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