Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #165 Simon Severino Business Resilience With Strategy Sprints

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #165 Simon Severino Business Resilience With Strategy Sprints

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #165 Simon Severino Business Resilience With Strategy Sprints

Business Resilience With Strategy Sprints

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Simon Severino about business resilience with strategy sprints, entrepreneurs are forces of nature, developing reliable revenue systems and the future of blockchain technology. 

We also dive into ways to accelerate growth for an agile business, closing B2B business in 14 days, transferring what he learnt in triathlons to business dashboards, developing an avatar of high energy clients and what would the best father do at this time in the moment? 

Simon Severino – Business Resilience With Strategy Sprints 

Simon Severino is the CEO of Strategy Sprints, where they help entrepreneurs scale their online business to secure business resilience and repeatable revenues. He is the host of the Strategy Sprints podcast, a keynote speaker in agile strategy and sales, TEDx speaker and leader of a global team of coaches. 

From Rome, Italy he has studied Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Vienna and innovation of products and services at MIT Sloan School of Management. Simon is the author of Strategy Sprints and Habits of Success, writes for Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines about scaling digital businesses, and is a member of Silicon Valley Blockchain Society. 

Simon talks about: 

  • Entrepreneurs are forces of nature. 
  • Creativeness of entrepreneurship is part science & part art. 
  • Wanting to be a crazy explorer and adventurer. 
  • Fascination with AI, robotics and blockchain. 
  • The impact of Socrates, Jim Morrison and Bob Dylan on his life. 
  • From management consultant to expert at go to market strategy plan.  
  • Developing reliable revenue systems. 
  • Increase frequency by shortening the sales process to 3-6 weeks.  
  • Closing faster online with awareness to closing in 14 days. 
  • Relationship building sequence and business resilience. 
  • Daily and monthly business reflections 
  • Are we moving in the right direction at the right time?  
  • Setting criteria to establish successful high value clients  
  • A filter system between marketing & sales department. 
  • The importance of being genuinely curious about the person.  
  • From listening to intentionally commercial teaching.  
  • Blockchain technology is the most relevant thing happening on the planet right now.  
  • Good regulation will bring order and health into the Blockchain system. 
  • Launch of his new book Strategy Sprints 


“Entrepreneurs are forces of nature. They create something out of nothing. They find problems in the world. They are frustrated by something. Why do I have to wait so long for something?” The uniqueness of entrepreneurs, with Simon Severino, on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

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