active CEO Podcast #155 Minter Dial You Lead The Future

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Minter Dial about You Lead The Future, fulcrum moments in life, truly expressing yourself and the L’Oreal confrontation room.

We also dive into the impact of the band The Grateful Dead, growing up in a changing world, life changing events that bring people together and embracing the messiness and chaos of life.

Minter Dial – You Lead The Future

Minter is an expert on leadership, brand and digital strategy with a specialisation in digital transformation; a top 100 digital marketing influencer; and the author of four books including the recently launched You Lead. He is a storyteller, consultant, Board Member at Scientific Brain Training and former Board member at, and host of the Minter Dialogue Podcast.

His education includes a BA Literature & Philosophy from Colgate University, BA Literature from Yale University and a MBA Marketing from INSEAD. Minter’s career has included Vice President of Donaldson, Lufkins and Jenrette, 16 years in Global Managerial roles at L’Oreal, General Manager Worldwide for Redken and VP Associate at Netexplo. As an entrepreneur he has founded The MYNDSET, Podcast Festival Events and MYDIAL.

Minter talks about

  • Truly expressing yourself
  • Passionately speaking about The Grateful Dead
  • Once you embrace death you live more in the present
  • Studying the lineage of his forgotten grandfather
  • Watching the plane crash into the World Trade Centre during 9/11
  • Do you make it come alive and feel real?
  • Help people feel like they are contributing to the bigger purpose
  • Completely obsessed with L’Oreal and Louis Vuitton
  • L’Oreal being both poet and peasant
  • You Lead The Future
  • The gladiatorial nature of the confrontation room
  • You Lead is an attempt to say You Lead yourself.
  • It takes courage to release your whole self at work
  • Cultures have a way of crushing your individuality
  • Give yourself the gift of who you are and who you want to be
  • My life is one long set of stories
  • How do you render energy all the time?

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