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active CEO Podcast #35 Andrew Klein Speaking Its An Occupational Hazard

Andrew Klein – Spike Presentations

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Andrew Klein, his struggle with being a lawyer; how debating and theater sports led to a career in speaking; why authenticity is number one for speakers; the art of influence, persuasion and presence; the importance of recovery as a performer; and leading an active and healthy lifestyle. He also energetically talks about aspiring to be Michael Jordan; idolising the comedy science of Jerry Seinfeld; dressing up as the ‘Swedish Chef’ from the Muppets; introducing Sir Bob Geldof; and delivering pub quizzes.

Andrew Klein

Andrew Klein is a professional, articulate, entertaining and crowd-favourite professional MC. He thrived in Drama, Basketball and Theatre at Sydney Boys High School, and studied a Bachelor of Arts and Law at the University of NSW. His career highlights include being director of Impact EnterTrainers, Director of Legal Policy at NSW Department of Multicultural & Ethnic Affairs and Solicitor at Clayton Utz.

Known for personalising experiences, injecting energy, being right on the mark and keeping it fresh as the founder of Spike Presentations, Andrew has hosted successful events at companies such as Westpac, Ernst & Young, Telstra, IBM, Coca-Cola and Commonwealth Bank. A creative man, he invented “Life’s a Pitch” and “How to Awe Them, Not Bore Them”.

Andrew talks about:

• Bringing energy and a dash of zest to the room.
• Growing up in Sydney.
• The passion behind becoming a lawyer.
• The decision in 1995 to finish his law career and step onto stage.
• Idolizing comedians and following comedy.
• Why Jerry Seinfeld is his hero.
• Why it is important to set the mood at the beginning of an event.
• His pre-event routine leading up to the event opening.
• What makes a great speaker leave a permanent mark on the audience.
• The “Spike Presentations” elevator pitch and how it works?
• Bringing charisma and injecting a dose of humor in a performance.
• Balancing being a conference emcee with teaching presentation skills.
• The emotional intelligence of reading the room.
• You are there to serve the audience, it’s not about you.
• How he stays fit & healthy when travelling & working a busy schedule.
• The routines, habits and triggers allow him reset his body and mind.
• “how do we change the way we educate children at school?”
• The impact the famous Australia poet, Brook Emery had on his life.

Active CEO Wellness Tip

Focus in the moment – What we can control is right now! We can’t change history, however we can take what we have learnt; good or bad, right or wrong; and harness the opportunities to do something better or leapfrog off what we was successful. Use your strengths to be better now, improve the way you live and make the world a better place. It starts with making a choice, a decision that only you can own in the moment, right now.


“When you are on the stage, you are a performer whether you like it or not.” Andrew Klein discusses stage performance, on the active CEO Podcast.

“You have been in the audience time and time again, listening to people who are knowledgeable on a topic but unable to engage with you. Are you one of those people?” Andrew Klein discusses the Spike Presentations elevator pitch, on the active CEO Podcast.

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