Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #179 Anneli Blundell Interpersonal Intelligence & The Gender Penalty

Anneli Blundell Interpersonal Intelligence & The Gender Penalty

Interpersonal Intelligence & The Gender Penalty

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Anneli Blundell on her new book The Gender Penalty, Interpersonal Intelligence and Communication, and Women in Leadership. 

We also dive deep into supporting women in leadership, diversity, social constructs, gender stereotypes, gender equality, and the humanisation of our existence.

Anneli Blundell – Interpersonal Intelligence & The Gender Penalty

Anneli Blundell is known as the “Professional People Whisperer”. She is a bestselling author and a highly regarded professional who has been featured in various media publications, including Foxtel’s Sky News-Business Success program and The Australian – Business Review. She was also a guest expert on the documentary ‘The Gender Narrative’ and was awarded the Australian Institute of Training and Development’s Learning & Development Professional of the Year in 2021. She currently serves as the 2022 Victorian President for Professional Speakers Australia.

She has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Monash University, where she graduated with High Distinctions, and has worked with major corporations such as Mercedes-Benz, Ernst and Young, and Telstra, among others. Anneli authored several best-selling books, including her latest works, ‘The Gender Penalty’ and ‘When Men Lead Women,’ which offer insights on navigating the leadership landscape and accelerating women’s careers.

Anneli talks about:

  • Living in Sweden
  • Women in the workplace
  • When men lead women
  • Interpersonal intelligence
  • Workplace diversity
  • Being a leader
  • Good leaders and bad leaders
  • Stress and resilience
  • Remote working
  • Performance in a corporate world
  • The Gender Penalty
  • Gender stereotypes in the workplace
  • Gender equality in the workplace
  • Women on the Workfront
  • Humanisation of our existence


“You have to openly embrace and accept everyone who’s different from you. Difference is actually uncomfortable.” Anneli Blundell talks about embracing and accepting differences on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“If we are spending 98% of our time in the corporate world, as you say, just performing, we are missing a huge opportunity to actually be learning all the lessons we are learning on a day-by-day basis that we we’re not entrenching because we’re letting them slip through our mental fingers.” Anneli Blundell on performance in a corporate world on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“Women needed help, not because they were broken or less than, but because they were trying to operate within a system that didn’t know how to value them and didn’t know how to leverage the skills.” Gender stereotypes and equality with Anneli Blundell on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

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