Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #173 Dr Brett Dellar Soften The F#*k Up!

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #173 Dr Brett Dellar Soften The F#*k Up!

Soften The F#*k Up

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Dr. Brett Dellar on his new book Soften The F#*k Up!, overcoming depression, being left on a doorstep as a baby and empowering men to become a better man in today’s world. 

We also dive into the The moMENtum Revolution, parenthood, leading with vulnerability, speaking up and changing the negative stigma around mental health. 

Dr. Brett Dellar – Soften The F#*k Up

Dr. Brett Dellar is the Founder of “The moMENtum Revolution”, Doctor of Chiropractic, Men’s Mental Health Advocate, TEDx Speaker on Men’s Mental Well-being and the author of Soften the F#*k Up. He is a highly sort after speaker, life coach and mentor who has overcome depression and is now focused on empowering men to be better

Brett has a doctorate in Chiropractor from Murdoch University and is the Director of not-for-profit organisation, Hands on India. His career has involved working in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, is the principal Chiropractor at Pinjarra Chiropractic, was a partner in RockTape Australia and is the Founder of “The moMENtum Revolution” 

Brett talks about:

  • Finding a way to becoming a Chiropractor
  • Mental Healing in Chiropracting
  • Stresses on the body and the mind regarding today’s society and expectation.
  • Mother’s going to back to independence
  • Being yourself as a couple
  • Understanding he is into depression mode
  • Soften The F#*k Up
  • Dealing with depression
  • Creating a positive foundation
  • Leading with vulnerability and authenticity
  • Mentoring men and women
  • How many people are struggling to mental depression
  • The moMENtum Revolution workshops
  • About his book – Soften The F#*k Up
  • Tips on how people can feel free to speak up
  • How to change the negative stigma around mental health


“We have so many issues because of that way we do our work now, it’s become so sedimentary where we sit around and we aren’t physical.” Dr Brett Dellar talks about movement at work on the inspiring Great Leaders Podcast

“Having a positive foundation growing up is the key to so much.” Parenting and childhood foundation with Dr Brett Dellar on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.

“Everytime you see a man go through their journey and their struggles and listening on what they have to say it reinforces what you’ve learned and you get new lessons along the way and you never stop learning.” The moMENtum Revolution with Dr Brett Dellar on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.

“One thing we need to do as leaders and as people in today’s world and that is just being our authentic selves.” Dr Bret Dellar  talks about the importance of leading with vulnerability on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.

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