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Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast with Craig Johns

Inspiring Great Leaders

Over the past 3 years the active CEO Podcast has delivered 158 episodes from Inspiring Great Leaders. Conversations with Olympic gold medalists, supermodels, Fortune 500 executives and successful entrepreneurs. There were also World class coaches, global thought leaders and ordinary everyday people who achieve extraordinary things. 

What we realised is that they were all Inspiring Great Leaders. So we have decided to take the brave move to rebrand from active CEO Podcast to Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. The focus has naturally shifted from Shift from workplace performance and productivity to human performance and connection through inspiring great leaders.

So what is Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast all about?

  • How do you get 10,000 people to take a step to the left?  
  • What behind the relentless mindset of a world champion?  
  • Why do teams of exceptional talent fail?  
  • How do you manage the pressure to perform?  

These are just some of the questions we will attempt to answer as we bring you world leaders, curious minds, exceptional talent, successful CEO’s and incredible human beings who know how to inspire great leaders and are inspiring great leaders themselves. 

In todays episode we decided to bring you a few highlights from the past 3 years. For anyone who knows Craig Johns well, you know he leans into diversity, the different thoughts, ideas, backgrounds and experiences people bring to the world.

You will hear from:

  1. Julie Masters (Inside Influence – Founder and Podcast Host)
  2. Chris McCormack (Mana Group – 4x World Triathlon Champion)
  3. Ellen Derrick (Deloitte – Managing Partner Consulting)
  4. Christian Boucousis (Afterburner Australia – Facilitator and Former Airforce Pilot)
  5. Ciara Lancaster (Reimagine Change
  6. Azran Osman Rani (Former Air Asia X CEO – 30 Days & 30 Years)
  7. Lisa Tamati (UltraRunner & Coach – Pushing The Limits Author)
  8. Minter Dial (Minter Dialogue Podcast Host – Former L’Oreal Executive)
  9. Michelle Gibbings (Change Meridian – Bad Boss Author)
  10. Scott Leggo (Award-Winning Photographer – Former Airforce Strategist)
  11. Yamini Naidu (Story mastery – Storyteller & Business story mastery)
  12. Sasa Sestic (ONA Coffee Founder – 2015 World Barista Champion)
  13. Major Cheryl Pearce (United Nations – Forces Commander United Nations Peacekeeping Force)
  14. Brian Sands (Author of Stop The Bleeding – Sentiment founder)
  15. Jenny Wylie (CEO Netball New Zealand – Shifting the game)
  16. Arash Arabi (Sprint Agile – World Taekwondo Champion)
  17. Sandhya Shetty (Supermodel, actor, TV presenter, speaker and Commonwealth Karate Champion)
  18. Luis Gonzales (Intercultural Competency – Former Microsoft, Marriott & Ritz-Carlton)

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