Workplace Wellness: World Health Organization Recognizes Burn-out

Workplace Wellness: World Health Organization Recognizes Burnout
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This week the World Health Organization (WHO) made positive steps in improving workplace wellness by formally recognizing ‘Burn-out’ as an official occupational phenomenon. The WHO classified burn-out as ‘a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed’, under the International Classification of Diseases, and it will be globally-recognized as of 2020.

Feel like work is zapping all your energy and taking the fun out of life?

Do you feel burnt out, run down, emotionally paralyzed or lack the energy to do what you want to in life?

We live in a world that has a workplace culture that tends itself towards high levels of stress, working over-time, depression, detachment and feeling ineffective.

Will Workplace Wellness be the Next Royal Commission?

Will this mean that Workplace Wellness could be the next Royal Commission or Presidential Commission? It can’t be too far away as the effects, quite often catastrophic, that are associated with unsuccessfully managed workplace stress have a major ramifications for sick leave expenses, physical and mental health, personal and professional relationships, loss of productivity, workplace culture and employee retention.

It’s Affecting Those Close to Us!

I don’t know about you, but I am feed up with seeing family, friends and many people all around the world suffering from workplace related depression, mental health and even suicide due to the workplace cultures that cause unnecessary stress and burn-out.

CEO’s, leaders, owners and board directors are going to have to start taking workplace wellness seriously. It wouldn’t surprise me if we start seeing class actions in the near future.

There are a number of companies and organizations that do have positive and effective workplace wellness cultures in place and we must applaud them for being proactive in a space that has a major effect on society and our local communities. They should be used as examples of best practice and rewarded accordingly.

What is Burn-out?

We know that those who are most vulnerable to burn-out regularly navigate complex, contradictory and sometimes hostile environments. The main risk factors of burn-out in the workplace consist of:

  • doing work that is unrewarding,
  • limited control on the work that you do,
  • an overwhelming workload due to time and/or pressure exerted,
  • work that conflicts with our personal values,
  • unfair work practices, and
  • lack of community.

Workplace related symptoms include:

  • feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion;
  • increased mental distance from one’s job;
  • feelings of negativity or cynicism related to one’s job; and
  • reduced professional efficacy.

We Are Here to Help You

It is now time for you as a CEO or leader to make a positive change place workplace wellness at the heart of your company or organisation.

The team at NRG2Perform are here to support and guide you in implementing a positive workplace culture.

We have developed the Breaking The CEO Code and Breaking The CORPORATE Code. We provide CEO’s and leaders, as well as corporate teams or companies the curriculum and tools to minimise workplace stress, improve mental health and maximise your performance potential.

Programs include the four key fundamentals of Peak Human Performance:

  • ENERGY (fitness) – healthy body, healthy mind
  • FUEL (nutrition) – a Formula 1 car won’t perform on diesel fuel
  • EMOTION (mindset) – you are infectious both positive & negative
  • RECOVERY (recharge) – if you don’t switch the light off it will blow

And, the 3P’s of building sustainable energy for high performing leaders:

  • CEO/CORPORATE Periodization – scheduling your energy & recovery over time
  • CEO/CORPORATE Presence – communicating with purpose, precision & energy
  • CEO/CORPORATE Performance – bringing the energy, showing up & turning up

There is no Time to Wait

Make a decision and act now by contacting Craig Johns at NRG2Perform today, to discuss a specifically tailored Breaking The CEO Code or Breaking the CORPORATE Code program, by calling +61 415 675 939 or emailing

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