NRG2Perform delivers next generation performance leadership programs for CEO’s, Leaders, Senior Executives and their teams.

Specifically tailored half day, full day and multi-day programs, focusing on building high performing leaders and teams through the “Breaking The CORPORATE Code” curriculum and practical tools.

Programs include the four key fundamentals of Peak Human Performance:

  • ENERGY (fitness) – healthy body, healthy mind
  • FUEL (nutrition) – a Formula 1 car won’t perform on diesel fuel
  • EMOTION (mindset) – you are infectious both positive & negative
  • RECOVERY (recharge) – if you don’t switch the light off it will blow

And, the 3P’s of building sustainable energy for high performing leaders:

  • Employee Periodization – scheduling your energy & recovery over time
  • Employee Presence – communicating with purpose, precision & energy
  • Employee Performance – bringing the energy, showing up & turning up

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