The Power of Listening to Podcasts

Did you realise that we consume more than 100,000 words of information, every single day, in a variety of different mediums, by using our eyes and ears, through channels such as TV, radio, computers, text messages, video games, books, newspapers, mobile phones and podcasts?

The University of California, San Diego, produced a report in 2008 that, on average, Americans consume 34 Gigabytes and 100,000 words of information in a single day.

Humans crave information, whether to continually develop personally or professionally, for entertainment and for others, just to fill a void in their day. For those who love to consume information for professional and personal development purposes, many are now turning to podcasts as a convenient and more versatile method of taking it all in.

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Why are podcasts a great option?

Podcasts provide you with greater flexibility on when and where you consume the information. You can listen to the information while doing other things such as cooking, walking, riding on a train, going for a run, working out in the gym or doing work at the office. Where as mediums such as print or video require you to focus your attention on the task of reading and watching, and limit integration with other activities.

We spend hours each day consuming through screens, whether it be a computer screen, mobile phone or TV. This puts a huge amount of stress on our brain as visual requires greater brain activity than audible information. It is has a major impact on our eyes, which are constantly exposed to changing images that require our eyes to be constantly adjusting at a very fast pace.

Listening to information provides greater benefits than reading books, websites or other text formats, as it becomes more personal as you begin to develop a greater connection with the person speaking as greater levels of emotion and personality come through the voice. It is easier to build trust and confidence in the information you are receiving as you feel like you are having a conversation with the speaker as they bring energy, enthusiasm and life to the content, which is quite a challenge in written information.

The one aspect that many people enjoy when listening to podcasts, is the ability to close your eyes and visualise what the information looks like without other distractions affecting your concentration. It allows you to connect life experiences, future possibilities and emotions with the information. Like consuming any information, you still need to bring it back to the present when your mind drifts to ensure you fully understand what you are consuming.


3 Great Podcasts I love listening to:

  1. High Performance Habits – Brendon Burchard
    Brendon Burchard provides an insight into one of his latest books, “High Performance Habits”, talking about How Extraordinary People Become That Way. I really enjoy the energy, passion and connection that Brendon uses to uncover his strategies for dealing with staying focused and delivering high performance. iTunes Link

2. Life Changing Questions Podcast – Kevin BeesKevin Bees interviews success experts in the area of life and business to discover the ‘life changing’ questions that empower them and their clients to create success and life changing results. I really enjoy the way he delivers questions, that create curiosity and drive you to think about yourself and life in ways you are unlikely to have done before. iTunes Link

3. EntreLeadership Podcast – Ramsey Solutions
Hosted by Ken Coleman, the EntreLeadership Podcast features lively discussions and tips on leadership and business by some of the top minds in the business, like Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, Jim Collins and Simon Sinek. Having the opportunity to tap into so many great leaders in the business world, is invaluable.iTunes Link

Check out the latest active CEO Podcast

Anne Gripper is a trailblazing leader, as both a CEO, and a Board Chair and Director. Learn about her 6 C’s that define her leadership, how the Sydney Olympic Games changed her career, why she recently had a meeting in a jail, and what it took to gain trust and make a substantial change at UCI in the war against performance enhancing drugs. Not only is she a great leader, but she is also a very active CEO, who keeps fit, eats healthy and finds quality time to unwind and recover.

active CEO Podcast Ep 3 - Anne Gripper

Episode 3 – Anne Gripper 6 C’s of Leadership

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