GOALS – You Must Have a Compelling Reason

2019 is underway and it is the best time of year to be setting your PERSONAL goals for the year.

Why do you need goals? Goals provide CLARITY on the direction you are heading in both the short and long-term. They are absolutely crucial if you want to be successful. If you don’t know your destination, you will never know if you have arrived.

So what are effective goals for you? You must have a REASON to achieve the goal, it needs to be COMPELLING for you and it needs to be YOURS, so you own it. 

Is your WHY strong enough? If it is, you will feel invigorated and it will fuel your passion to find out HOW. If your gut feeling is that you could go on doing it forever, then you are heading up the correct path. You will also know that the goal is aligned to your core beliefs and values. 

If your reason is compelling you will magically find a way to ACHIEVE your goals and the things you previously thought were impossible. 

Many people talk about SMART goals, which are specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and timely. To be honest, the most important aspect is that you set achievable outcomes that get the heart pumping, give you goose bumps and you can’t help but smile.

You are probably thinking, ‘where do I start?’. There are 3 critical steps to developing your goals.

FIRST, you need to review your previous years performance. You need to understand what you achieved, what you need to improve and what blind-sided you.

SECOND, it is important to determine where you current performance is at in relation to fitness, health, nutrition, recovery, emotions, productivity, relationships and performance. Why do you need to analyse your current performance? You need to know your starting point and how every aspect of your life connects with each other.

Third, define your main goal, which has a compelling reason for you. Set 4 target goals that serve as milestones for the main goal. Finally establish up to 3 action items for each target goal.

MAIN GOAL – It is important to have one goal that fuels your passion every single day. Having more than one distracts you as you are always compromising one for the other. 

TARGET GOALS – these are milestones that build-up to the MAIN goal. They are split into a 3-month segment each. It is important to choose 4 TARGET goals in order of importance to the other and achieving the MAIN goal. As humans we are far more effective in working short to medium length blocks than a full year at one time. 

ACTION ITEMS – These are small achievable actions that allow you to achieve the TARGET Goals. They obviously need to be aligned to your MAIN goal, otherwise you might get side-tracked. 

It’s time for you to own your destiny and live a life that reflects your core beliefs and values. 

Remember you must have a compelling reason that is yours when you set the main goal, establish target goals and develop action items.

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