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NRGizer by NRG2Perform January Newsletter

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable New Years Day. Our thoughts go out to everyone in Australia affected by the challenging conditions presented by catastrophic fires. It’s a reminder that we cannot take anything for granted and we need to appreciate the small things in life.

In the NRGizer by NRG2Perform January 2020 newsletter we share the top 10 active CEO lessons from 2019, NRG2Perform’s 2020 VISION of FOCUS, being a chief role model, keeping high energy times open, and your health is more important than the job.

We bring you incredible conversations, on the active CEO Podcast, with Todd Greenberg (NRL – National Rugby League), Bill Coletti (KITH), Liz Volpe (Ambisie), Abraham Kamarck (True Made Foods) and Deepthi Bopaiah (GoSports Foundation India).

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NRGizer By NRG2Perform November Newsletter

Own Your Own Influence. In the NRGizer by NRG2Perform November newsletter we talk about 8 Ways To Own Your Own Influence, Change, Mindfulness and 5 Tips For The Busy Executive.

We also bring you inspiring conversations with Leigh Russell (Swimming Australia), Yamini Naidu (Business Storytelling), Oscar Trimboli (Deep Listening), Diana Rau (Board of Mentors), Lisa Hasker (Vicsport), Andrew Barnes (4 Day Week), Tim Oberg (parkrun Australia), Jennifer Dunham (Time, Money & Happiness Matters with Jennifer Dunham) and Mark Turner (Triathlon Scotland), on the active CEO Podcast.

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NRGizer By NRG2Perform September Newsletter

Leaders Develop Leaders In the NRGizer by NRG2Perform September newsletter we talk about Complexity, Power of Podcasts, Recovery and Small Repeatable Habits. We also bring you inspiring conversations with Alex Baumann (Swimming Australia), Major General Cheryl Pearce (United Nations, Chris Robb (Mass Participation World) and Francesca Boase (Edelman) on the active CEO Podcast.

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NRGizer By NRG2Perform August Newsletter

Be a high performing leader! In the NRGizer by NRG2Perform August newsletter we talk about Skill Stacking, improving culture, child’s play and disrupting the hiring process. We also bring you inspiring conversations with Jenny Wyllie (Netball New Zealand), Olivier Calandreau (BNP Paribas Cardif), Jemimah Ashleigh (Entrepreneur), Sasa Sestic (ONA Coffee) and Cassandra Heilbronn (MinterEllison) on the active CEO Podcast.

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NRGizer By NRG2Perform July Newsletter

In the NRGizer by NRG2Perform July newsletter we talk about seeing the big picture, taking motion calls, productivity improvements, health scares, wellbeing and performance frameworks, and high performers value the importance of continual learning.

This month we bring you deep-dive conversations, on the active CEO Podcast, with Craig Phillips (Commonwealth Games Australia), PJ Ashley (The Pillar Practice), Adam Hudson (Reliable Education) and Brad Gunn (Four Day Work Week). 

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NRGizer by NRG2Perform June Newsletter

Your health is your wealth! In the NRGizer by NRG2Perform June newsletter we talk about CEO sacrifices, every day is a new day, World Health Organization (WHO) recognising, burn-out and having a feedback mechanism. We also bring you deep-dive conversations with Kate Cawthorn & Sam Cawthorn (Speakers Institute) , Ellen Derrick (Deloitte), Chris McCormack (Super League Triathlon) and Adriana Cecere (Consulting Australia) on the active CEO Podcast.

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NRGizer by NRG2Perform May Newsletter

Delivering high performance for your team is crucial to the success of every CEO and leader. In the NRGizer by NRG2Perform May newsletter we discuss being ahead of the game; fearing less; narrating your own story; and making fitness a priority in your life. We also bring you amazing people such as Holly Ransom, Alex Richardson, Garry Mills, Jane Perry and Andrew Klein on the active CEO Podcast.

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NRGizer By NRG2Perform April Newsletter

The NRGizer by NRG2Perform April newsletter is now available. We challenge you to think about performance as a CEO or Leader; reflect on your habits; understand the talented people in this world; and ask the question “Are Leaders Born?”. We also bring you amazing people such as Pauline Nguyen, Jana Kapr, Alvin Hew, Christine Amour-Levar, Magnus Grimeland and Brent Clayton on the active CEO Podcast.

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NRGizer by NRG2Perform Newsletter – March 2019

Have you ever felt the energy rise up when you walk into the room? Those in attendance move forward to the edge of their seat….sit up straight….their shoulders suddenly relax….they exhale gently…a smile beams across their face… and you feel the energy continuing to rise as you walk in confidently with a welcoming smile, bounding with energy, enthusiastically acknowledging everyone, and ready to deliver for the team . Doesn’t it feel amazing,… like you have a greater purpose and are ready to do whatever it takes to ensure the team performs to a higher level?

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NRGizer by NRG2Perform

January 2019 NRGizer Newsletter

What’s your PURPOSE in 2019? In the January 2019 NRGizer by NRG2Perform we share with you some of our amazing highlights from 2018; provide your with a FREE GIFT to review, analyse and develop your 2019 active CEO Performance Plan; inform you that we have only 5 exclusive personalised active CEO Performance Coaching spaces in 2019; highlight some superb active CEO Podcast interviews; and let you know what NRG2Perform is up to in 2019.

We speak with the remarkable Liza Pavlakos about Adversity Transforms Lives; the inspirational leader, Patrick Kidd about the impact of the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 presented by Jaguar Land Rover; and the ground-breaking Arabian triathlete Dr Dina Altayeb about leading a Dental business in Saudi Arabia.

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