active CEO Podcast #34 Jane Perry Brand Moments That Matter

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Jane Perry, a phenomenal leader in the brand transformation space, about what she learnt from being a Cecchetti Ballet student and her love of riding dirt bikes; not having a university degree; always yearning for the next big challenge and to shake things up; and her passion for retail and understanding the shopper. We also spoke about storeowners being the forgotten ones in the sales channel; understanding how people buy; changing her leadership style; giving employees the permission to put things into perspective; changing the workplace culture; creating Geometreats to improve workplace wellness and to give back to their people; and taking herself out of her comfort zone.

Jane Perry

Jane Perry is a passionate woman who loves to inspire people to buy well, through inspiring and engaging experiences. She has more than 18 years of experience across Asia, Australia and the UK building interactive and purposeful brand and client relationships, with some of the world’s largest recognisable brands such as Coca-Cola, Emirates, Nike and Unilever.

Creating ideas for moments that matter, as Managing Director Singapore of Geometry Global, they inspire action through ideas that are behaviourally-inspired and experience-led. As a leader she has guided innovative teams at The Client Relationship Consultancy Group, Fitch, BBDO, Leo Burnett Group and TMD ANZ, as well as being a Board Director of Iris Worldwide. Her passionate focus on workplace and personal health and wellness in an industry that is known for unhealthy work habits, has paid dividends from a productivity and quality perspective.

Jane talks about:

  • What inspired her as a child?
  • Being a university dropout.
  • Her university lecturer encouraging her to take on a role in the creative world, at Andrews Marketing Group, just shy of graduating from University.
  • The catalyst to exploring a brand new world when she left Australia to work in Asia.
  • Landing a University Lecturer position in Cambodia.
  • What really inspires her from a brand point of view?
  • Geometry Global and what has enabled it to become the world’s largest and most international brand experience and activation agency.
  • Creating experiences that connect brands and people at moments that matter.
  • Strategies to ensure her team are in a high-performing frame of mind, and have the energy to deliver excellence every day.
  • How parents can have enough the energy to juggle all the balls at once and be present in the moment.
  • Transferring the health and wellness approach into how other Geometry Global teams.
  • How her team would describe her leadership style.
  • Receiving the advice “To not ever feel apologetic for being a women or being feminine”
  • Leading with heart and head first.

Active CEO Wellness Tip                                                       

Day-to-Day Productivity – Andrew Barnes founder of Perpetual Guardian trialled the 4-day workweek, while still paying employees for 5 days. It was an astounding success with drastic improvements in work-life balance, engagement and lower stress levels. It all started with trying to figure out a way to increase employee’s work-life balance while also increasing day-to-day productivity. Its important to reduce procrastination time and ensure that our employees are motivated to be efficient at work. How are you improving your day-to-day productivity and live the life you want to?


“To not ever feel apologetic for being a women or being feminine”. The advice that changed the way Jane Perry led with heart and head first, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Digital engagement with brands now is all about using data to make sure that a message, product, service or creative is delivered in a personal way and delivered to the right individual at the right time to form relationships, bonds and loyalty. Jane Perry speaks about brand engagement, on the active CEO Podcast.

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