NRG2Perform are excited to partner with Sportspeople Recruitment, to bring Australia and New Zealand’s premier sport CEOs and leaders stories to life through the Sportspeople Recruitment active CEO Podcast and Video series. A new Podcast and Video is released every month.

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Giving the nation’s heart a voice!

NRG2Perform’s Craig Johns is a Founder and Chief Leader of the Speakers Tribe ACT. It is a community of speakers, based in Canberra Australia, that are changing the world one message at a time. Birthed from the Speakers Institute alumni, Speakers Tribe empowers speakers to learn outstanding tips and tricks in how to master communication for influence and how to be confident, competent and charismatic as a speaker.

Speakers Tribe is a non-for-profit initiative with tribe gatherings in many large cities throughout the world. We’re a focal point to help all ACT Speakers Tribe members stay connected, and keep up to date on our monthly events.

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