Air New Zealand’s Coolest Safety Video

Air New Zealand has been the epitome of many airlines around the world with their savvy, brilliant and entertaining airline safety videos. They have been a world leader in creatively connecting the values of their company, with their brand and bringing to life 17 innovative safety videos.

They have created ‘magical moments’ that accelerated global awareness and admiration for the Air New Zealand brand, product, network, and also the destination of New Zealand. The videos have helped enhance Air New Zealand’s greater cultural, customer and commercial success for the business.

Air NZ
Air New Zealand

Have you ever noticed that everyone switches off when airline safety messages are delivered on a plane? In what is an extremely important message, people tend to automatically switch off when the Air Stewards begin their demonstration.

Air New Zealand figured out that if they combined their safety message with visual images of what people are interested in, they would develop a lasting connection. People immediately engaged as the content resonated with them and now people are eager to see what will be included in the next video.

Well today Air New Zealand launched their latest video, which is literally the world’s coolest safety video. It brings to life Air New Zealand’s resonance with Antarctica and global change.

“Air New Zealand is shining a global spotlight on Antarctica with its latest safety video, showcasing the frozen continent and the important climate and environmental science underway there. Featuring Hollywood actor and environmentalist Adrian Grenier, the World’s Coolest Safety Video takes viewers on a breath-taking journey to Antarctica, where Kiwi scientists are tackling the most pressing questions on global climate change.” Air New Zealand

A previous Air New Zealand safety video took us on a fantastic journey showcasing New Zealand as a destination that has to be experienced to be believed. Sharing Air New Zealand’s safety messages while taking you on a journey which showcases New Zealand’s stunning beauty, incredible culture, friendly people and amazing flora and fauna.

“It’s a land of stunning beauty, magical places, and friendly people. Our latest safety video takes New Zealand’s uniqueness and beauty to the extreme, in a fantastical way. Let Cuba Gooding Jr. and Katie Holmes take us on a journey to discover the country’s most stunning locations, to meet the locals and Air New Zealand’s flight attendants.” Air New Zealand

The creative engine at Air New Zealand showcased whats great about Kiwi summers. Inspired by the classic Kiwi road trip, famous New Zealand actors take you on a guided tour around Northland’s Bay of Islands and Hokianga encountering a host of friendly locals, famous faces and iconic attractions along the way. With a little help from a few Kiwi mates and a couple of good laughs, Air New Zealand presented a ‘Summer of Safety’ air safety video.

“One of our goals at Air New Zealand is to inspire visitors to travel beyond the traditional gateways to discover the warm welcome and breathtaking landscapes on offer in our regional destinations.” Air New Zealand

New Zealand is synonymous with rugby. When most toddlers grow up with a dummy in their mouth, Kiwi’s grow up with a rugby ball in their hands. Air New Zealand has a long-term partnership with the All Black and NZ Rugby. They used some very special Men in Black to brief their passengers to celebrate the airline extending sponsorship of the All Blacks and New Zealand Rugby through to 2020.

“The result is not only entertaining but makes people sit up and take notice of the key safety messages. Created in partnership with Sony Pictures, the All Blacks take on a new challenge. Buckle up as our boys in black take you through the ins and outs of safety with the help of Stan Walker, Rip Torn and Frank the Pug. Plus, keep an eye out for some inter-galactic rugby cameos from David Campese, Martin Johnson and Agustin Pichot.” Air New Zealand

The Hobbit Trilogy has thrilled people, young and old, all around the world with their wonderful fictional beauty. Air New Zealand created the Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made”. It was one of their first installments of connecting their safety videos with what makes New Zealand so great. Combing with the Emmy Award winning Weta Productions and film producing great, Peter Jackson, Air New Zealand produced an absolute gem of a safety video.

“As the official airline of Middle-earth, Air New Zealand has gone all out to celebrate the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Starring Elijah Wood and Sir Peter Jackson; we’re thrilled to unveil The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made.” Air New Zealand

Bring out your creative juices and look at how your company can connect with your consumers through clever brand and value association.

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