The Peacock Phenomenon


By Craig Johns

I am delighted to attend the 2017 AuSAE Leadership, Insights & Networking Conference (LINC) in Wellington, New Zealand from the 13-14th November 2017, thanks to Tourism New Zealand, as a Keynote Speaker.

My Topic – The Peacock Phenomenon

As organisations go beyond their borders in the way they operate, conduct business and diversify their workforce, intercultural competency and an awareness of workplace cultures in countries other than their own, is becoming increasingly important.

A global mindset is crucial to accomplishing key business building blocks such as communication, trust, persuasion and decision-making, which combined with culturally diverse workforces lead to greater innovation and creativity in the teams or organisations outputs.

The Peacock Phenomenon will take you on a global cultural and communication journey, learnt through the most defining moments in my life, with many not coming through conversations but by silent observations during moments of the unknown, vulnerability and somewhat insecurity.

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The AuSAE Leadership, Insights & Networking Conference (LINC) is for executive officers, membership & communication professionals, and association staff. This years theme is the association journey, it is an important part of our everyday life. Whether it is how to recruit and retain members, how to market to them or in general business. At this year’s AuSAE LINC conference, content leaders, keynotes and solution providers will guide your thinking and provide you with the tools to develop strategies that incorporate the idea to enhance your associations membership journey and other key insights of running an association.

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