Considered clear, concise and compelling, Craig is an experienced professional keynote speaker, intimate presenter, MC and event announcer who easily relates to any audience.

Craig combines thought-provoking topics and revealing insights with a range of relevant and practical ideas that allow you to apply to your unique company, team and community.

He utilises global experiences in multicultural environments to challenge you and your organisation to grow, evolve and prosper in this constantly changing landscape.

Recent Keynote Topic’s:


The Peacock Phenomenon

As organisations go beyond their borders in the way they operate, conduct business and diversify their workforce, intercultural competency and an awareness of workplace cultures in countries other than their own, is becoming increasingly important.

A global mindset is crucial to accomplishing key business building blocks such as communication, trust, persuasion and decision-making, which combined with culturally diverse workforces lead to greater innovation and creativity in the teams or organisations outputs.

The Peacock Phenomenon will take you on a global cultural and communication journey, learnt through the most defining moments in my life, with many not coming through conversations but by silent observations during moments of the unknown, vulnerability and somewhat insecurity.


Enhancing the Experience

Enhancing the Experience for your consumers through learnings from his work across five continents regarding membership models and the future of membership based organisations.

How do you best leverage partnerships to grow your reach and membership base, generate new revenues from alternative streams, and best segment your database to identify new prospective partnership and membership opportunities. Learn more…

Recent speaking engagements:

  • Radio Sports Panel – ABC 666 Radio (Various 2015- 2018 – Canberra, AUSTRALIA) website
  •  KEYNOTE Peacock Phenomenon – AuSAE Linc 2017 Conference (12-14 November 2017 – Wellington, NEW ZEALAND) website
  • AuSAE Networking Luncheon Member Engagement – MC (9 October 2017 – Canberra, AUSTRALIA) website
  • Canberra Moon Festival – MC (1 October 2017 – Canberra, AUSTRALIA) website
  • Canberra Moon Festival Press Conference – MC (27 July 2017 – Canberra, AUSTRALIA)
  • AuSAE Networking Luncheon Member Engagement – MC (31 July 2017 – Canberra, AUSTRALIA)
  • Triathlon ACT Annual Awards – Awards Dinner MC (16 June 2017 – Canberra, AUSTRALIA) website
  • Rethinking Your Membership Models – ASAE Great Ideas Asia Pacific Conference (March 2017 – Seoul, KOREA) website
  • Canberra Chinese Moon Festival – Festival Main Stage MC (September 2016 – Canberra, AUSTRALIA)
  • Enhancing the Experience – AuSAE Business Network Lunch (August 2016 – Canberra, AUSTRALIA) website
  • Branding Yourself – Triathlon Australia Performance Coach Course (June 2016 – Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, AUSTRALIA) website
  • The Future of Membership – AuSAE ACE Conference (May 2016 – Canberra, AUSTRALIA) website
  • Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon Activation’s – School promotion visits (2015-2018 – Canberra, AUSTRALIA)

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