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Bringing the world’s most creative, innovative, successful and high performance leaders to you through thought-provoking, engaging and enjoyable conversations.

The activeCEO Podcast will inspire you to lead active and healthy lifestyles, and improve your workplace performance and productivity.

Your co-hosts are Craig Johns and Ben Gathercole, both performance leaders and coaches who thrive on teaching, coaching, learning and making a difference in peoples lives.

Launched on the 1st July 2018, the activeCEO Podcast incorporates insights from NRG2Perform, thought-provoking guests and your questions.

PCB Vol 5- Suzie Hoitink

Episode 7 – Trina Gordon – available 2nd October 2018
Episode 6 – Indiran Padayachee – available 15th September 2018
Episode 5 – Suzie Hoitink – Enemy of a Great Life is a Good One Link
Episode 4 – Rene Zondag – People Are Our Greatest Asset link
Episode 3
– Anne Gripper – 6 C’s of Leadership link 
Episode 2 – active CEO Intro Part 2 link
Episode 1 – active CEO Intro Part 1 link

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