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Workout With a Purpose

Would you approve a project without a purpose? So why would you exercise without purpose? It is important to set yourself a goal for each session and know why you are doing it. Going through the motions is just about as useful as sitting on the couch with a beer and a bag of chips. Will your next workout build speed (high-intensity intervals), endurance (long slow distance), strength (weights, cross-fit), power (plyometrics), balance (Yoga, pilates) or flexibility (dynamic stretching)?

HIIT Training 40/20 Rule.

Are you wanting to perform at a higher level for a longer period? If yes, then you need to improve your bodies ability to manage lactate. Excess lactate reduces your muscles ability to contract, which will resulting in your body slowng down and producing less force. To improve your bodies ability to clear lactate you can improve your lactate threshold through intervals of 40seconds effort at close to or on your lactate threshold and 20 seconds of recovery exercise. Start with 2-4 intervals and then gradually build up as your body begins to adapt. One session every seven days is appropriate

Be the One!

Developing a positive frame of mind about your exercise, is important. Align your exercise efforts with things that are both positive and reassuring. Exercise in a fun & enjoyable environment. Objectively measure results. Do things that you enjoy. Exercise with a group of positive people.

Kick Start Your Day!

Do you feel exhausted, tired and like you have no time for exercise at the end of the day? Try developing a morning fitness routine when you first wake. By exercising at the crack of dawn you increase metabolism, avoid unwanted distractions, promote endorphines in the brain to enhance your mood, increase mental capacity, improve blood flow, support productivity and have a sense of accomplishment.



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