CEO, Coach & Leadership Performance

Why do we have the energy to help you perform every day?

NRG2Perform brings energy, freedom and inspiration to every CEO in the world, so they can perform exceptional brilliance in all facets of their life and positively impact the lives of those around them.

Who is NRG2Perform for?

  • CEO’s, Leaders, Coaches & Entrepreneurs aiming for Peak Performance
  • People focused on becoming a CEO, Coach, Leader or Entrepreneur
  • Those who want to find out how their CEO, Coach, Leader or Business Owner can perform at a higher level.

What does NRG2Perform provide?

We stand out from the crowd with our next generation leadership performance solutions, which are based on real facts and evidence, and are delivered in practical way that you easily understand and can effectively implement.

NRG2Perform DNA

Our Founder and CEO, Craig Johns, has 23 years global experience working in the sport, health, mind, education and hospitality industries, including commercial businesses, not-for-profit organisations, education, and sports clubs.

His extensive understanding of creating innovative products and services, developing successful programs, building thriving communities and leading high performing teams allows him to work with you to find suitable initiatives to gain a competitive advantage and ensure you are a step ahead of the game.

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